Client Builds

We perform model builds and custom work for a variety of clients. To request a build or to get more information, contact us. Here is some of our work.

Millennium Falcon

Built for Pure Imagination Studios

Features photo-etch kit by “para grafix” that includes super detailed cockpit parts and decals, LEDs all around and inside, oscillating cockpit lights. Weathered with battle damage.

Optimus Prime

Repair for Bay Films Productions

He fell off the stand at the office, breaking several parts. We repaired the broken pieces and touched up the paint to restore OP to his former glory.


Built for Larry Chatman

Features photo-etch spoke front wheels and aftermarket tires all around, seat belt detail w/photo-etch buckles and steering wheel. Much like Grandpa Munster’s real car as seen in the TV series.

Munster Coach

Built for Larry Chatman

Features photo-etch alt bracket and dash with mini key and key chain, aftermarket tires all around, drive belt and seat belt material and photo-etch buckles. Much like Herman Munster’s real car as seen in the TV series.

Speed Racer’s Mach 5

Built for Larry Chatman

A snap kit that was glued w/putty body work to fill any gaps, the build features are mostly box stock with detailed interior & instrument panel decal from another drag car kit.

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